Canada starts anti-dumping investigation into rebar from Oman, Russia

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has initiated an anti-dumping investigation into imports of specific concrete rebar from Oman and Russia, the agency said on December 4.

The products under investigation are “hot rolled deformed steel concrete reinforcing bar in straight lengths or coils, commonly identified as rebar, in various diameters up to and including 56.4 millimeters, in various finishes, excluding plain round bar and fabricated rebar products, originating in or exported from the Sultanate of Oman and the Russian Federation,” the agency said.

CBSA said the goods subject to the probe are usually classified under the tariff classification numbers (CN) 7213.10.00.00 and 7214.20.00.00

The agency added that imports of the good in question might also be classified under CN codes 7215.90.00.90 and 7227.90.00.90

The investigation includes “all hot rolled deformed bar, rolled from billet steel, rail steel, axle steel, low alloy-steel and other alloy steel that does not comply with the definition of stainless steel,” CBSA said.

Goods falling under the umbrella of the investigation include uncoated rebar and rebar with coatings or finish applied. Cut-to-length rebar is excluded from the probe because it is not considered to be a fabricated rebar product.

The Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) welcomed the decision to initiate the investigation.

“The Canadian steel industry is feeling the impact of higher levels of unfairly traded foreign steel in our marketplace at a time when we have been deeply [affected] by the Covid-19 [pandemic].” CSPA president Catherine Cobden said on Monday December 7.

“We cannot allow foreign producers to take advantage of the disruption of the pandemic and we expect our government to use all the tools at its disposal to address this situation. This new rebar investigation is, therefore, an important and welcomed effort to help ensure that Canadian steel can compete on a fair basis.”

This is Canada’s fourth investigation into the dumping of rebar in the past six years, the CSPA said. The most recent investigation was launched against rebar from seven countries in September 2020.

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