Fastmarkets is inviting feedback from the industry on the pricing methodology for its steel billet import, cfr Manila, $/tonne, assessment, as part of its announced annual methodology review process.

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Steelmakers in the United States reportedly are charging customers less in the South and more in the Midwest mainly due to three factors: differences in import penetration, end-market demand and cost structure, according to market participants — a disparity highlighted by Fastmarkets’ new index for the southern region

Aligning various methodologies of calculating and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the steelmaking process has become a challenge in the push towards decarbonization of the industry, but there’s demand for aligning it

Executives at major flat-rolled steelmakers in the United States shared three mutual reasons for optimism about demand in 2023 during their companies’ recent earnings calls, despite the current downtrend in prices

Opinions are mixed on whether new steel reinforcing bar capacity will be absorbed by a down market, but a spate of planned mills in the southern United States may signal a shift toward nearshoring that could offer buyers relief from high freight costs and volatile global supply chains

Mixed near-term demand and stagnant prices could place US buyers at an advantage during this year’s steel HRC trading season