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The October 13 panel report included an incorrect price for Western plywood sheathing CD struc 1 3/4. A typo was made resulting in the incorrect report. The incorrect price of $920 (a $15 decrease) has been corrected to $935 (no change).

A number of structural panel prices in today’s Midweek publication had errors on the ups/downs page due to technical errors.

A technical glitch has delayed publication of five Random Lengths International European boards assessments and numerous derived prices.

Industry feedback showed support for changes to Canadian plywood, industrial lumber, and tweaks to related footnotes. Changes to the price guide will go into effect in early May.

Random Lengths is inviting feedback from the industry on pricing methodologies for Random Lengths and Random Lengths International as part of its annual methodology review process.

EUGENE, OR, Oct 19, 2022 (Random Lengths) – The midweek price of Southern plywood underlayment (Central) 23/32 t&g was published incorrectly in the October 18 Midweek Report. The incorrect price of $1,010 (a $60 decrease) has been changed to $1,070 (no change).

EUGENE, OR, Oct 13, 2022 (Random Lengths) – EUGENE, OR, October 13, 2022 — The five prices included in the LBR Euro Board market assessment group (MAG), scheduled to publish Wednesday, October 12 between 10:30 a.m. PT and 11:30 a.m. PT, did not publish until approximately 7:30 a.m. PT on October 13, 2022.