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Oriented strand board price correction pulls buyers off the sidelines

The adjustment in the price of OSB (oriented strand board) recently prompted potential buyers to take action. Over the past several months, the cost of 7/16-inch OSB has been fluctuating between $300 and $500 in most North American production zones. If we exclude the extreme prices during the pandemic, these rates would set a new record, with data going back for decades.

Due to these high prices, many retailers and distributors showed reluctance towards buying more than their immediate needs. It was therefore significant when there was a sudden upswing in sales in the week starting October 9, with mills reporting the highest volume of sales in several months.

This was also the week when sheathing prices fell below $300 in many areas, prompting numerous buyers to make a purchase. As one buyer for a co-op explained, “The surge in business was due to the price drop. Our dealers were holding off until prices fell below $300. Also, they couldn’t wait any longer because inventories were so low. They figured the time was right.”

This sudden rise in sales allowed manufacturers to recover from their lowest quotes, leading to a slight increase in prices over the following two weeks. As a distributor in Canada noted, “No one is saying it’s time to stock up for winter. That’s not happening, but the market did stabilize.”

Even though the recent sales boost allowed most manufacturers to extend their order files into November, many buyers are still apprehensive about the ongoing economic challenges.

As OSB demand is closely linked to new home construction, the increasing mortgage interest rates nearing 8% have left traders anxious about sales prospects for the rest of the fourth quarter and how supply and demand will balance out. As one buyer commented, “I see supplies being the key factor going through the rest of the fourth quarter.”

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  • Market surveys: Gain an insider’s perspective from industry-wide surveys covering production shifts and other market trends.
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  • Random Lengths composite prices: Track broad price movements with composite prices for 14 specific product groups and species.

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