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Why use Fastmarkets' lumber prices?
Fastmarkets (owner of Random Lengths) is the leading global provider of pricing intelligence for lumber markets, producing price assessments since the 1950s. With our prices you can gain insight and data from the world’s largest forest products and lumber price reporting team, with offices in Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Eugene, Brussels, Helsinki, Singapore and Sao Paulo.

You can be reassured by independent, fair and representative price assessments and indices of lumber and panel products, which are produced on a weekly basis. Fastmarkets’ rationale is to adopt and develop the lumber price discovery process and methodology to produce assessments that are a consistent and representative indicator of value of the market.

Gain a full view of market changes with access to thousands of forest product prices and approximately 1,600 lumber prices, covering all core lumber commodity prices such as green douglas fir, western spruce pine fir, southern yellow pine and their sub-grades. Plus, our lumber pricing includes all dimensions such as 2×4, 2×6 through 2×12.
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Random Lengths framing composite prices decline
Random Lengths stud composite prices stagnate
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Fastmarkets’ mission is to meet the market’s data requirements honestly and independently, acting with integrity and care to ensure that the trust and confidence placed in the reliability of our pricing methodologies is maintained.

Why use a price reporting agency?
After years of unprecedented volatility, many are wondering “What’s next?” for the North American and global lumber market. Will we see a sudden turnaround in prices that send us back toward record levels? Or will sluggish demand and pricing action persist?

As we frequently remind our subscribers, the future is uncertain and market conditions can change rapidly. Traders and forecasters alike were repeatedly reminded of this with the unprecedented boom-and-bust cycles with lumber and wood product prices over the last three years.

By using a price reporting agency (PRA), you can be prepared for all outcomes. With PRA you can:
  • Ensure that you have the prices you can use that reflect supply and demand conditions
  • Provide a reference and benchmark for all transactions
  • Give confidence to contract counterparties that the prices used are impartial
  • Improve efficiency when renegotiating contracts
  • Deliver instant and accessible data through an automated platform
  • Get access to supply and demand outlooks for lumber, timber and wood products and more to forecast costs
  • Receive breaking news coverage, contextualized within rich industry statistics and datasets
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Abating pandemic-related supply shocks and falling demand means a much lower equilibrium price for lumber compared with the last three years.
Dustin Jalbert, senior economist, wood products, Fastmarkets.
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Fastmarkets forest products give market participants and investors the transparency and clarity to make critical and strategic business decisions.

Market-reflective lumber pricing covering more than 1,600 lumber commodities

Asset analysis and 5 – and 15-year economic outlooks

Gain the latest forecasting data and commentary for North American lumber prices

Keep up to date with the latest pulp, paper, and wood products news, and be in the know about critical market shifts

Formerly RISI events, these are the places to discuss, debate, and learn about the latest trends and challenges in pulp, paper, packaging and more

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Fastmarkets has clear specifications for all the lumber price points that it covers. For market-reflective prices, forecasts and insights for the lumber commodity markets please get in touch.

Fastmarkets combines the commodity intelligence of these familiar names:

Metal Bulletin • American Metal Market • Scrap Price Bulletin • Industrial Minerals • RISI • FOEX • The Jacobsen • Agricensus • Palm Oil Analytics • Random Lengths • FastMarkets and more