There is a lot of uncertainty around how disruptive the Red Sea crisis will be on trade flows. Reports suggest that it is adding costs and extending shipping times as major shipping companies opt to sail around the Cape of Good Hope rather than through the Red Sea. In some instances, it appears that for […]

A Turkish mill in a region geographically unaffected by the earthquakes in the southeast of the country on February 6 made a return to the US ferrous scrap export market on Friday February 10

The prospects for large volume trades in China’s import steel scrap market could hinge on whether a large United Kingdom-origin bulk cargo successfully passes Chinese customs checks later this year, sources told Fastmarkets

Understanding the cost of decarbonization and its impact on steel prices and raw material costs

Panic selling in the major Vietnamese hot-rolled coil import market has let prices dip below $1,000 per tonne cfr Vietnam for SAE1006-grade materials this week, sources said on May 21.

As the US steel market continues to build up steam, can the promise of new capacity in 2021 lead the way to a steel price correction?

India is stepping back from importing ferrous scrap and aiming to become a more self-sufficient steelmaker. But what issues led to this change of tactics and how will it affect global scrap trade flows? Fastmarkets investigates.

Asia will soon be hit by a “steel tsunami”, a veteran trader in Vietnam told Fastmarkets recently, with a combination of factors expected to keep prices high into the second and third quarters of 2021.

Market growth and decarbonization collide to create an unclear future for steelmaking

China’s “unpredictable political moves” in relation to coking coal from Australia has driven some Chinese steel mills to increase their contractual supplies of the steelmaking raw material from elsewhere, sources told Fastmarkets this week.