CISA CONF 2018: Japan calls for ‘high-quality’ exemption from US import tax

The Japanese government is calling on the United States to exempt high-quality Japanese steel from its Section 232 import tariffs.

Motofuni Kusachi, chief representative of Japan Iron & Steel Federation, told delegates at the China Iron & Steel Association’s 16th International Steel Market and Trade Conference in Xi’an on Thursday March 29 that because Japan exports high-quality products that US mills cannot produce, its steel should not be subject to the Section 232 import taxes.

Several other countries and territories have been granted temporary exemptions from  the US import tariffs – including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the European Union – while they continue to negotiate with the US. 

However, those talks are scheduled to conclude by May 1, according to Philip Bell, president of US Steel Manufacturers Association.
Japan exported 162,342 tonnes of finished steel to the US in January 2018, up 31% year on year.