COVERAGE NOTE: Fastmarkets RISI to revamp NA Containerboard Price Watch

With the addition of recycled linerboard assessments in September, Fastmarkets RISI will revamp its North America Containerboard Price Watch table and will rename some price assessments.

Specifically, the following changes will be made:

  • “Linerboard (42-lb unbleached kraft)” will be relabelled “Unbleached kraft linerboard (42-lb)”
  • “High performance (35-36 lb)” will be relabelled “High performance linerboard (35-/36-lb)”
  • “White top, East” will be relabelled “White top linerboard (42-lb), East”
  • “White top, West” will be relabelled “White top linerboard (42-lb), West”

These changes will be replicated in the Fastmarkets RISI online portal and mobile app.

The new Price Watch table will look like this:

Fastmarkets RISI will be launching 30-/31-lb recycled linerboard for the US East and US West on September 20th. Our economists are developing a 2-year historical price series that will be made available when the new price assessments are launched. The assessments will also be accompanied by a matching forecast price series, compiled by Fastmarkets RISI’s Analytics Group and published in Fastmarkets RISI’s Paper Packaging Monitor.

Fastmarkets RISI has prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to guide customers through the launch of recycled linerboard assessments. To view the FAQs, please see here.

For comments or queries, please email, mentioning “30-/31-lb US recycled linerboard” in the subject line of the email. 

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