COVERAGE NOTE: New Old Corrugated Containers, SRPN Assessments CIF Asia – Consultation

In light of changes in trading patterns following China’s ban on imports of “unsorted” recyclables such as mixed paper that began on December 31, 2017, as well as a 0.5% rule on contaminants for imported recovered paper, RISI proposes to launch bi-weekly assessments of the following recovered paper grades CIF main ports in Asia in PPI Asia starting from April 6, 2018:

– Imports of Old Corrugated Containers (11) from the US

– Imports of Old Corrugated Containers (90/10) from Europe

– Imports of Old Corrugated Containers from Japan

– Imports of Sorted Residential Paper and News (56) from the US

– Imports of Newspapers (2.01) from Europe

As previously announced, RISI will also begin publishing bi-weekly assessments for Mixed Paper from April 6, 2018.

– Mixed Paper & Board from Japan

– Mixed Paper & Board from Europe (1.02)

– Mixed Paper from US (54)

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