COVERAGE NOTE: Proposed Changes Finalized for Price Guides in Random Lengths, Random Lengths International

After seeking industry feedback since mid-July on several changes or additions to the Random Lengths and Random Lengths International lumber and panel price guides, all changes as proposed will be implemented. These changes take effect with the October 1, 2019, issue of Midweek, the October 4, 2019, issue of Random Lengths, and the October 2, 2019, issue of Random Lengths International.

Random Lengths will add the price for Canadian Spruce Plywood 3/8-inch delivered Toronto to the structural panel section of Midweek. This is an addition widely requested by the industry since Random Lengths and Crow’s merged in April of this year.

On page 13 of the 14-page weekly report, Canadian OSB prices currently shown as delivered to Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Atlantic will reflect Regina, Winnipeg, and Moncton, N.B., respectively, as the delivery points. Added to the guide will be delivered prices to Halifax, Nova Scotia. These changes will make the price grid for Canadian OSB delivery points consistent with that of Canadian plywood sheathing.

In the lumber price guide, deduct prices for Western S-P-F Std&Btr 2×4 random dimension, found in footnotes on pages 5 and 6 of the weekly newsletter, will be retired. The deduct is from the published #2&Btr price. Industry feedback to date indicates there are no longer Western S-P-F mills grade stamping 2×4 random dimension as Std&Btr.

In Random Lengths International, changes in production over the years have necessitated a change in the description of Douglas Fir 4-1/8×4-1/8 baby squares from green to kiln-dried stock. Industry feedback indicates almost all production of baby squares is now kiln dried.

To all who commented on these proposed changes, both verbally and in writing, your feedback has been helpful, and much appreciated.

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