Coverage note: Proposed changes to Italian kraftliner coverage

In light of diverging prices in the Italian kraftliner market, RISI proposes to make the following changes to its price assessments.

Currently assessments for unbleached kraftliner reflect CIF prices for imported paper at the lower end of the range and domestic free delivered prices at the higher end of the range. Going forward, RISI proposes only to reflect domestic free delivered prices in these assessments.

The following three assessment series would be affected:

Unbleached kraftliner 175 g+ (price ID 50)

Unbleached kraftliner 150 g (price ID 449)

Unbleached kraftliner 125 g (price ID 450)

For more information on RISI’s methodology for European containerboard markets, please see here.

Feedback on these proposed changes is requested by email at the following address before May 26, 2018. Responses in Italian are also most welcome.

If confirmed, the changes would likely take place from September or October 2018.

RISI would also welcome feedback on its containerboard coverage in other European markets.