COVERAGE NOTE: Proposed introduction of 100% Recycled Linerboard and Medium price assessment

RISI is planning to introduce a new price series for 100% Recycled 42-lb Linerboard and 100% Recycled 23-lb Medium, East and West of the Rockies, in PPI Pulp & Paper Week‘s monthly Price Watch/Containerboard starting Mar. 17, 2017. The reason for this step is that recycled grades have become such a high percentage of containerboard consumption in the North American open independent market and almost all new industry capacity being added is based on 100% recycled fiber. P&PW has been publishing US market prices for the 100% recycled grades for several years now in the text of market review articles, but not in Price Watch. Please contact Will Mies at to provide your feedback about the proposed change by Mar. 1.