Coverage Note: Revised Database Description files available December 28, 2020

The Random Lengths Database Description Files, which are supplied by Random Lengths to database subscribers as a “road map” for the descriptions of price guide labels, were discovered to have some records with incorrect formatting, where fields identifying size or thickness displayed data formatted as a date instead of as a number.

The revised description files with the correct formatting are available on the Random Lengths website under the section Help & FAQs, then Email Services, then Spreadsheet and Database Resources, at

Please note, this is not a notification of a new price guide revision, nor a change in the price descriptions. This is a correction to formatting of some records inside the description files.

The Lumber Database Description file, Panel Database Description file, and International Database Description file in in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format are cross-reference tables that contain complete text and key-word descriptions for all price guide labels. The Midweek prices are included in the Lumber and Panel Database Description Files.

Random Lengths Lumber Database Description File (Lbr_desc.csv)

Random Lengths Panel Database Description File (Pnl_desc.csv)

Random Lengths International Database Description File (RLI_desc.csv)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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