Covid-19: A message from Fastmarkets CEO Raju Daswani

Fastmarkets will continue to provide the price data, news and analytics you rely on in these turbulent times.

Dear Colleagues,

First and foremost, we hope that you, your family, your friends and your colleagues are keeping well in these uncertain times.

Covid-19 has disrupted our economy, our normal work patterns and, for many, our lives. Before I speak to the status of our business continuity plan and what that means to you, I want to simply recognize that we understand the pressures you and your company are under. Price volatility and supply-chain uncertainty, combined with challenging economic conditions, make each day’s decisions that much more consequential. We will continue to provide the price data, news and analytics on which you rely.

We have activated our business continuity plan, have tested our systems and processes across the globe and have put in place contingencies to adapt to the possibility that some of our team may be unable to perform their normal duties. We will continue to review and adapt our program as conditions change. The teams that you count on are ready for the challenges in front of us now and those that lay ahead.

These are unprecedented times and the decisions we make matter more now than in normal times; visibility, certainty, and trust are invaluable assets to all of us. We will continue to bring you the price data, news and analytics to help you and your company navigate these turbulent waters.

Kind regards,

Raju Daswani
CEO, Fastmarkets