Early publication of US base metals prices

The publication of Fastmarkets’ US base metals prices were published early during the week of March 11-15 following the daylight saving time change in the US on March 10.

As a result, the data submission windows were closed early. The data collection and price assessments were not believed to have been affected by the early publications.

Per Fastmarkets’ methodology, the following prices were published before 3-4pm London time:

  • MB-CU-0002 copper grade 1 cathode premium, ddp Midwest US, US cents/lb
  • MB-ZN-0005 zinc SHG min 99.995% ingot premium, ddp Midwest US, US cents/lb
  • MB-PB-0006 lead 99.97% ingot premium, ddp Midwest US, US cents/lb
  • MB-PB-0099 lead 99.99% ingot premium, delivered Midwest US, US cents/lb
  • MB-NI-0241 nickel briquette premium, delivered Midwest US, US cents/lb
  • MB-NI-0240 nickel 4×4 cathode premium, delivered Midwest US, US cents/lb
  • MB-AL-0020 aluminium P1020A premium, ddp Midwest US, US cents/lb

The prices are part of Fastmarkets’ base metals price package. 

For more information, to provide feedback on the early publication or if you would like to become a data submitter to this prices, please contact Grace Asenov by email at pricing@fastmarkets.com. Please add the subject heading: FAO: Grace Asenov, re: US base metals prices.

Please indicate if comments are confidential. Fastmarkets will consider all comments received and will make comments not marked as confidential available upon request.

To see all Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents, go to https://www.fastmarkets.com/about-us/methodology.

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