Euromoney adds to its price reporting business, Fastmarkets, via acquisition of Census Commodity Data

The acquisition expands the Fastmarkets’ price reporting business into agriculture

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC (“Euromoney”), the international information services provider of essential information to global and specialist markets, announces the acquisition of 100% of Census Commodity Data, primarily operating through its brand AgriCensus and serving as a Price Reporting Agency (“PRA”) for the global agricultural commodity markets.

The acquisition expands the Fastmarkets price reporting business into the agriculture market, where globalization of trade flows and commodity price volatility is increasing dependency on pricing and market news. The acquisition complements the company’s existing Global Grain business – a series of leading annual international events that have been connecting the grain and oilseed community over the last 14 years.

AgriCensus, founded in 2017, quickly established itself in the marketplace through its 200 price assessments on the grain, oilseeds and biofuels industries, supplemented by high-quality market news and intelligence.

Fastmarkets is the industry-leading PRA serving the metals and mining and forest products markets. Fastmarkets’ growth is fuelled by its reputation as the trusted source for pricing, news, analytics and events. It is also driven by advancements in its platform and products and its global operation that continuously enhances the value delivered to customers. Those assets and the global footprint are directly applicable to AgriCensus, strengthening an early-stage and high-growth business.

“Rising population and the resulting increase in food demand is a trend that is expected to be in place for at least the next three decades,” said Raju Daswani, CEO of Fastmarkets. “Our acquisition of AgriCensus provides us with exposure to this market and establishes an important strategic position for us in agriculture. Through its excellent team and leadership, AgriCensus has started the process to provide much-needed price discovery in these opaque markets. Fastmarkets can now develop this position further by leveraging our established reputation in pricing and providing access to our global PRA infrastructure.”

“Joining Fastmarkets is a natural evolution and an exciting step for us”, said Andrew Goodwin, CEO of AgriCensus. “Fastmarkets is creating extraordinary value in the market. By joining Fastmarkets, we will be able to leverage this for our clients and accelerate our growth.”

Whether from trade wars, population changes, political shifts or even the current impact of Covid-19, global supply chains are in flux and under pressure. Business leaders depend on objective, trusted pricing and intelligence to make decisions in times where price volatility and opacity can have significant impact on financial performance. Fastmarkets is now able to deliver that value to customers across the metals and mining, forest products, and agriculture markets, enabling trading and helping customers navigate and thrive in dynamic times.


Fastmarkets is the leading price reporting, analytics and events organization for the global metals, mining and forest products markets. Fastmarkets’ core activity in pricing drives transactions in commodities markets around the world and is complemented by news, industry data, analysis, conferences and insight services. Fastmarkets includes brands such as Fastmarkets MB, Fastmarkets AMM (previously known as Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market respectively), Fastmarkets RISI and Fastmarkets FOEX. Its team of more than 400 people are located in 14 global offices including London, Boston, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Brussels and São Paulo. Fastmarkets is part of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC (LSE:ERM), a listed company on the London Stock Exchange. Euromoney is a leading international business-to-business information group focused primarily on the global commodities, banking and asset management markets.

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