FANYA AUCTIONS ROLLING REPORT: Track the results of minor metals sales

The whereabouts of minor metal stocks held by the now defunct Fanya Metals Exchange has been a weight on the outlook of minor metals prices and contract negotiations since the exchange collapsed in 2015.

In some cases, such as tungsten and antimony, auctions of that material – which started at the beginning of 2019 – have given clarity to the outlook for some markets, where large companies have come in and absorbed the entirety of Fanya’s stocks.

In other cases, such as indium, concerns over the sheer volume of material that will need to find a buyer, has continued to weigh on prices.

According to the local government, about 70,000 tonnes of 14 different metals were seized by police in Yunnan province following the closure of the minor metal exchange.

This article has been updated following the result of every new auction. It was last updated on Monday January 20 to reflect the latest auction result for indium stocks, which appear in the table below. This was the 15th and final auction of former Fanya stocks with all other material previously held in Fanya warehouses having been auctioned over the course of 2019.

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