Fastmarkets accelerates its expansion of renewable energy with a new suite of products

London – Fastmarkets, the industry-leading cross-commodity price reporting agency (PRA), announced the expansion of its renewable energy products. Global economies are making the critical transition to a low-carbon future – striking the balance between economic performance and the hard work to build a more sustainable world. Price data, forecasts, and market intelligence are essential inputs for decision-makers and investors that will propel this market forward.

But the reality is that the supply chains creating the critical materials for renewable energy are volatile, often opaque, and not fully understood by business leaders driving this agenda. Fastmarkets is building on its existing data and market intelligence in battery raw materials (BRM), biofuels, biomass, and the infrastructure underpinning wind and solar, to expand our renewable energy products.

This phase of the strategic expansion of Fastmarkets renewable energy capability will result in more than 20 strategic hires in our editorial, price reporting, and analyst teams and help to shape and drive the renewable energy products into the market.

Fastmarkets’ renewable energy products focus on six (6) key outputs critical across the value chain including:

  • News and intelligence to enable participants to keep pace with a fast-moving market and to move beyond the headlines and hype to get to the ‘so what’
  • Expanded price data in the feedstocks and constituent components critical to batteries construction
  • Battery cost models based on varying compositions and use cases that provide transparency to the market
  • Production capacity forecasts, by supply chain segment and region, that are the critical insights to determine if and where supply can match demand
  • Long-term forecasts for the battery materials themselves critical for strategic planning and investment theses
  • Recycled material forecasts to understand the ability to source end-of-life batteries and the ability to bring recycled materials online

“Fastmarkets is a leader in renewable energy markets and today we are building on our continued initiatives in the battery raw materials space, notably with our lithium and cobalt benchmarks and futures contracts to expand our renewable energy products,” said Raju Daswani, CEO of Fastmarkets.

“The market is hungry for data and intelligence from experts immersed in the industry to make critical decisions and we believe the combination of our expertise and reach across the market will truly differentiate our renewable energy products in the market.”

The global community – governments, commercial markets, and citizens – are collectively driving to a low-carbon economy, seeking the best paths to simultaneously deliver economic performance today and transition to a more sustainable world. Fastmarkets is building on its leadership in the lithium, cobalt, and overall BRM markets to meet the strategic challenge of our time. To see the full list of open positions in our editorial, price reporting, and analyst teams, please visit

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Katharine Kellar
Senior Marketing Manager, Media & Communications

About Fastmarkets

Fastmarkets is the industry-leading Price Reporting Agency (PRA) for global commodities, providing price data, news, analytics, and events for the metals and mining, forest products, and agriculture markets. Fastmarkets’ data is critical for customers seeking to understand and predict dynamic, sometimes opaque markets, enabling trading and risk management. Fastmarkets is a global business with a 130-year history built on trust and deep market knowledge. Its team of more than 450 people are located in global offices including London, Helsinki, Boston, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Brussels and São Paulo. Fastmarkets is part of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC (LSE:ERM), a listed company on the London Stock Exchange. Euromoney is a leading international business-to-business information group focused primarily on the global commodities, banking and asset management markets.

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