FastMarkets Free to view content in app form

Fastmarkets are delighted to announce that the free to read news and blog content from this site is now available within the Google Currents app in magazine format for you to enjoy on your Android and Apple devices.

Google Currents is an industry-leading reading device provides our content for high speed offline reading and quick-touch sharing. It adapts itself to differently sized phones and tablets, with your FastMarkets edition synchronized across device.

To download the FastMarkets magazine edition onto your mobile phone or tablet via Google Currents just click here, as you’d expect from Google it’s simple to set-up. If you haven’t got the link to hand when you install the app them just search for FastMarkets within the app.

At FastMarkets we are committed to making ur content available in as many different places and formats. We are working on a mobile version of our paid for content and will be looking at our own app requirements, but we also know that content shouldn’t be limited to one format, so have enabled our free content as RSS feeds and now within reader apps.

If you want more information on our paid for professional services please request a free trial.