FREE WEB SEMINAR: Trading CME Group’s fob Australia (Metal Bulletin) alumina futures – catch-up

Did you catch the Metal Bulletin-CME Group web seminar discussing the new fob Australia alumina futures contract?

If not, you can listen to the recording at the link below. 

Trading CME Group’s fob Australia (Metal Bulletin) alumina futures 

Launching on-exchange on September 26, the new alumina futures, settled against Metal Bulletin’s fob Australia alumina index, is designed to provide a direct and transparent solution for hedging price risk, as alumina prices continue to detach themselves from the aluminium market.

During the web seminar, Metal Bulletin’s Charlotte Radford and CME Group’s Shan Islam discussed:
– Recent trends in the alumina market and the challenges facing market players
– How Metal Bulletin calculates its benchmark alumina price
– Key contract features and useful applications
– How the new futures complement CME Group’s existing aluminium risk-management toolset
– Insights the market can gain from the new contract

Questions answered during the webinar related to compliance and regulation, Metal Bulletin’s index frequency, and futures market liquidity.

If you have any questions arising from the points covered in the web seminar, please send them to Charlotte Radford at
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