FREE WEB SEMINAR: What’s driving the battery raw materials market? – catch-up

Did you catch Metal Bulletin’s recent web seminar on key factors driving the battery raw materials markets?

If you missed it, follow the link below to listen to the free recording:

What’s driving the battery raw materials market?

During the web seminar, members of Metal Bulletin’s global battery raw materials team discussed: 

  • EV subsidies and government policy in China and beyond 
  • Changes in battery chemistries and their effect on demand for nickel and cobalt 
  • Cobalt sulfate market trends 
  • Developments in nickel: pricing sulfate and the impact on premiums 
  • Lithium price fundamentals and outlook

The team also answered questions relating to battery chemistries, the future of cobalt sulfate pricing, and nickel sulfate supplies.

If you have any other questions arising from the points covered in the web seminar, please send them to Charlotte Radford at

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