Graphic paper coverage note – notice of implementation

To reflect better current market dynamics and following consultation with stakeholders, RISI has made the following changes to European graphic paper price coverage with effect from September 2018.

1)            Discontinue price assessments for 48.8-g newsprint in France, Germany and Spain (Price IDs 453, 461, and 475).

2)            Discontinue price assessments for 60-g SC-A rotogravure reels and 60-g SC-A offset reels in the UK, France, Germany and Italy (Price IDs 433, 434, 455, 456, 462, 463,             8, and 12)            

This is in line with a final decision announced in June.

RISI is still gathering feedback on whether to replace assessments for MWC 70-g in Italy with MWC 80-g, as well as on whether to start assessing MWC prices in the UK.

For comments or queries, please email, mentioning “European Graphic Paper” in the subject line of the email.

For more information on RISI’s methodology for European graphic paper markets, please see here.

For related coverage notes see here.