Great Lakes coal trade fell 7.3% in November

Shipments of coal on the Great Lakes in North America totalled 2.7 million tons in November, down 7.3% compared with the same month in 2012, the Lake Carriers Assn said on Thursday December 19.

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Shipments are 35.2% below the month’s long-term average.

Coal shipments from Lake Superior ports reached 1.6 million tons in November, a 9.2% decrease compared to a year ago. Coal transshipped from Superior, Wisconsin to Quebec City, Quebec, for loading onto ocean-going colliers totalled 129,000 tons.

About 1.5 million tons were exported to Europe in November. In 2012, Superior’s overseas exports from the same period totalled 1.25 million tons.

Loadings in Chicago totalled 314,000 tons, a decrease of 11.6% compared to a year ago.

Shipments from Lake Erie ports reached 771,000 tons, unchanged from a year ago. 

So far this year, Great Lakes coal trade stands at 22.4 million tons, a decrease of 2.7% compared with a year ago.