ISRI calls off biggest annual scrap industry event on coronavirus concerns

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Institutes (ISRI) has decided to cancel the annual recycling event in Las Vegas next month, the biggest of its kind in the scrap industry, citing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

ISRI Convention and Exposition – the largest event in the recycling industry – was originally scheduled to take place on April 25-30 in Las Vegas, United States.

The yearly event is well attended by metal scrap market participants from North America, Asia and Europe.

“Given that the World Health Organization officially deemed this a pandemic, and in light of the many states declaring an emergency along with associated closures and curtailments of normal daily life, it’s impossible for ISRI to hold the convention as planned. Therefore, for the safety of all involved, we cannot move forward with the ISRI2020 convention in April 2020,” ISRI chairman Brian Shine said in a statement.

The announcement, made on March 12, said the organization is reviewing all other options, including alternative dates or venues and different methods of information delivery.

Another key scrap industry event, the Bureau of Recycling (BIR) conference is still scheduled to be held in Istanbul on May 18-20.

“At this time, BIR Secretariat is collating all the necessary information, data and advice to take a sound decision in the very coming days,” BIR said in an emailed statement on March 10.

Major global business events including Houston CeraWeek and Mobile World Congress have also been canceled in recent weeks over concerns that large gatherings will encourage the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Earlier this month, one of the biggest annual events for the copper industry, Cesco Santiago, was similarly canceled.