My Instruments™ – Create live pricing instruments using Fastmarkets metal data feeds

My Instruments™ is a new feature to Fastmarkets Mydesk that allows you to create bespoke live pricing instruments by combining existing instruments in Fastmarkets Mydesk with each other or with numerical constants.

The new My Instruments functionality gives you the power to create real-world derived prices from underlying financial instruments, from real-time scrap or alloy pricing through to finished product pricing or complex live arbitrage. My Instruments gives you unprecedented control to track the prices that really matter to your business.

How to get started
You can access My Instruments via the Customisation Tools section in the Content Finder tab on the left of your Fastmarkets Mydesk display.

You can also download the My Instruments User Guide – this will show you how to create your own feeds, starting with a simple equation and building up to much more complex calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Instruments?
My Instruments is a new functionality enabling users to define bespoke real-time instruments for their own use. Bespoke instruments are derived from other existing instruments (e.g. LME 3M Select) or numerical constants (e.g. VAT = 20%) according to a formula. The My Instruments wizard helps users to create these bespoke instruments by combining existing instruments from the instrument catalog with other instruments and/or user-defined numerical constants in an easy-to-use formula builder.

My Instruments shares all the same powerful tools as ordinary instruments on Fastmarkets Mydesk, including historical data capture, charting, DDE link to Excel and alerts.

How can My Instruments be used?
This tool has a multitude of time-saving applications for users in all industries. It allows you to program Fastmarkets Mydesk to make calculations for you that you might have done previously on spreadsheets or with pen and paper, and to deliver them to you as a live feed.

It can be used:
• to calculate live product pricing
• for real-time alloy pricing calculations
• for premiums pricing
• for Forex pricing conversions
• for complex real-time arbitrage calculations
• and for many more…

How to use My Instruments
My Instruments is defined by you via a powerful but easy-to-use wizard. To help you get started, we have put together this user guide, starting with a very simple real-world example.

You can also contact your account manager or email to request further assistance in getting started with this exciting new functionality.

How can I start using My Instruments?
My Instruments is a new feature included in a Fastmarkets Mydesk subscription. If you are a subscriber to Fastmarkets Mydesk, you can find My Instruments in the Content Finder or contact your account manager to help you set it up.
If you are not yet a subscriber to Fastmarkets Mydesk, you can contact us at or +44 (0)845 241 9949 to request an upgrade or follow the instructions below to request a free trial.

Requesting a Free Trial of Fastmarkets Mydesk
To request a trial of Fastmarkets Mydesk, contact, complete the free trial form online or call our offices on one of the telephone numbers below.

UK: +44 (0)845 241 9949
US: +1-312-929-4200
Asia +44 20 7779 8659

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