Paul Wurth teams up with China Steel Corp for steel projects in Asia

Luxembourg-based engineering and equipment supplier Paul Wurth has signed a cooperation agreement with Taiwan’s China Steel Corp (CSC) for the joint development of steel projects in Asia.

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Under the agreement, the two companies will work together in future ironmaking plant construction projects in the Southeast Asian region, including material handling, sinter plants, blast furnaces and direct reduction plants, Paul Wurth said on Tuesday May 5.

“Both parties decided to take joint efforts in order to promote the development of the Asian ironmaking industry according to a common marketing strategy and to cooperate on a non-exclusive basis for projects to be implemented in the region,” the European firm noted.

“By pooling their respective engineering and operational expertise, this cooperation could take place, case by case, on a consortium basis or in a subcontractor relationship,” it added.

Paul Wurth is owned by Germany’s SMS Group, which also controls global plant and machinery suppliers SMS Siemag and SMS Meer.

Last year, the company became the fourth global licensee for designing and building Midrex direct reduced iron (DRI) plants, whose rights belong to Japan’s Kobe Steel.