PRICING NOTICE: Changes to WPM Table 5 China schedule

Following consultation with stakeholders, Fastmarkets RISI will amend the publishing schedule for World Pulp Monthly Table 5 China prices to capture the final assessments of the month.

Table 5 China prices are based on the latest Fastmarkets RISI’s weekly and bi-weekly price assessments published in PPI Asia on Fridays. Traditionally Table 5 China prices have been published on the second to last working day of the month, along with North American prices. However, this means that when the second to last working day of the month is a Thursday, there will be one more assessment after Table 5 has gone out. By delaying the publication of the China prices by one day, Table 5 will be able to capture the latest prices.

This change will take effect from April 2021. The schedules for Table 5 North America and Europe pulp prices will not change.

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