PRICING NOTICE: Correction to Metal Bulletin 44% manganese ore index

Due to a data collection and calculation error, Metal Bulletin’s 44% manganese ore index was published incorrectly on March 9.

Metal Bulletin initially provided a figure of $8.81 per dmtu for the 44% manganese ore index; It has now been corrected to 8.63 cents per dmtu.
Metal Bulletin’s price book and database have been updated to reflect this change.

To provide feedback on this index, or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to this index, please contact the team by email to: Please add the subject heading: ‘FAO Shivani Singh. re: Metal Bulletin manganese ore indices’.

To see all Metal Bulletin’s pricing methodology and specification documents, go to

A previous version of this pricing notice said there had been an administrative error; in fact, the correction was due to a data collection and calculation error.