PRICING NOTICE: Extension of battery-grade lithium ex-works China index consultation to enable further market feedback

Following extensive market engagement, Metal Bulletin has decided to extend the consultation period for the proposed launch of a battery-grade lithium ex-works China index to provide additional time for market participants to submit feedback.

Metal Bulletin is committed to providing transparent pricing for the lithium sector and is therefore extending the timeframe to collect further feedback on the development of an index for the lithium sector.

The extended consultation period will end one month from the date of this pricing notice on August 2.

The initial consultation proposed migrating the battery-grade lithium price, ex-works China, price assessment to an index. Metal Bulletin is continuing to calculate this index internally and will provide an update in due course.

Metal Bulletin will continue to publish its battery-grade lithium price, ex-works China, price assessment as follows:
Description: Battery-grade lithium carbonate, min 99.5% Li2O3, ex-works China
Origin: China
Basis: Ex-works, VAT included
Min lot size: 5 tonnes
Quality: Min 99.5% Li2CO3 (delivery of Min 99.2% Li2CO3 also accepted, qualified for use in battery applications)
Form: Powder
Delivery window: within 30 days
Publication: Weekly, Thursday by 4pm London time

Metal Bulletin reserves the right to continue with its existing lithium market assessments should market feedback indicate indexation is not necessary at this stage of market evolution.

Metal Bulletin has no financial interest in the level or direction of the index.

To provide feedback on this proposal or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to this price, please contact Martim Facada or Jon Mulcahy by email at: Please add the subject heading FAO: Martim Facada/Jon Mulcahy, re: lithium carbonate index.

To see all Metal Bulletin’s pricing methodology and specification documents go to

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