PRICING NOTICE: Extension of Rotterdam export HMS 1&2 (70:30) consultation to allow further feedback

After continuing engagement with the market, Metal Bulletin has decided to extend the consultation period for its proposal to change its weekly price assessment to Rotterdam export HMS 1&2 (75:25) scrap material instead of Rotterdam export HMS 1&2 (70:30).

The proposal was made following observations that HMS 1&2 (70:30) was no longer exported out of Rotterdam.

The proposed amended specification is as follows:

Assessment: Ferrous scrap, Rotterdam, export, HMS 1&2 (75:25), $ per tonne fob Rotterdam
Dimensions: 18x36in to 24x60in
Quantity: Standard order size, 1,000 tonnes
Location: fob Rotterdam
Timing: As long as 6 weeks
Unit: US dollars per tonne
Payment terms: letter of credit, bank transfer
Publication: Weekly, Friday, 4.30pm London time.

The extended consultation period for this proposed amendment will end one month from the date of this pricing notice, on Monday September 24, with changes taking place from Friday September 28, subject to market feedback.

To provide feedback on this price, or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to this price, please contact Cem Türken by email at: Please add the subject heading: FAO: Cem Türken, re: Rotterdam HMS 1&2 (75:25) export price.

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