PRICING NOTICE: Launch of in-warehouse Busan drummed molybdic oxide price

Fastmarkets today launches a twice-weekly price assessment for drummed molybdic oxide, in-warehouse Busan.

After a one-month consultation period, Fastmarkets has launched an in-warehouse Busan drummed molybdic oxide price assessment, expanding Fastmarkets’ current price coverage of the molybdenum markets in Europe and the United States.

The new assessment will provide the market with a picture of the molybdic oxide market in Asia in addition to Fastmarkets’ price and news coverage of the equivalent markets in Europe and the US, namely drummed molybdic oxide free market $ per lb Mo in-warehouse Rotterdam and canned molybdic oxide United States free market $ per lb Mo in-warehouse US.

Additionally, spot liquidity has been more pronounced in Busan in recent years with more steelmakers in Europe deciding to procure their material on long-term contracts.

The specifications of the new price are listed in full below.

Assessment: Drummed molybdic oxide, in-warehouse Busan $/lb Mo

Form: Sandy powder (0-4 mm)
Quality: Mo: 57% min. Cu: 0.5% max. S: 0.1% max. P: 0.05% max. Pb: 0.05% max.
C: 0.1% max. All other elements should each be 0.10% max, with the exception of Si, which should be 6% max.
Quantity: 10 tonnes (+/- 2%)
Location: Busan
Timing: Spot
Unit: USD per lb Mo
Payment terms: Cash; other terms normalized
Publication: Twice weekly. Wednesday and Friday between 2pm and 3pm London time

To provide feedback on this price or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter to this price, please contact Ewa Manthey by email at: Please add the subject heading FAO: Ewa Manthey, re: drummed molybdic oxide, Busan.
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