PRICING NOTICE: Reduction in frequency of low phosphorous ferro-chrome quotation

Metal Bulletin proposes to reduce the frequency with which it publishes its low phosphorous ferro-chrome price quotation.

Metal Bulletin proposes to reduce the frequency with which it publishes its low phosphorous ferro-chrome price quotation.

The proposal is due to a reduction in spot activity in recent months, leading to fewer data points being submitted on a weekly basis.

From January 29, the frequency of publication would be reduced from weekly to once every two weeks (fortnightly), on Fridays. Publication time would still be between 14:00 and 15:00 London time.

The frequency of the quotation may return to weekly if spot activity increases.

Market participants have until January 25 to respond to this notice.

The rest of the specification would be unchanged and the full specifications would be as follows:

Description: Low-phosphorous ferro-chrome, Europe
Price: $/lb (of chrome contained), delivered consumer works, Europe
Cr: 65% min
Si: 1% max
C: 6-8%
P: 0.015% max
Ti: 0.05% max
Form: Lumps in the range of 10-100mm, 90% min
Packaging: Big bags of 1 tonne or producer’s steel drums, each 500kg
Lot size and tolerance: 25T minimum
Payment terms: 30 days, other payment terms normalised
Assessment: On Fridays, fortnightly by Metal Bulletin’s London office
Publication: Between 2pm and 3pm London time on Fridays

Comments and questions on this should be sent to Janie Davies:

Questions relating to Metal Bulletin’s pricing methodology and policy should be sent to market data and compliance manager Paolo Sorze at or Metal Bulletin editor Alex Harrison at

Janie Davies
Twitter: @janiedavies_mb 

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