Steel First reviews of steel news and prices in 2012

2012 was the Year of the Dragon, but even the Chinese powerhouse was not immune as the steel industry struggled in the face of freak weather events, the global economic crisis and falling prices...

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Over the Christmas and New Year break Steel First published a series of 2012 reviews provided by our editorial team from across the world. Here you’ll find the complete list of reviews, which feature the most important price developments and industry news from across the regions over the last year.

2012 REVIEW: Prices down 23% in China’s iron ore market
The dramatic fall in iron ore prices may have forced mining majors to rethink their plans, but imports and Chinese domestic output are up and interest in derivatives is growing as participants look for price stability. 

2012 REVIEW: A tough year for Turkish scrap
Despite increased demand in the domestic market, Turkey’s scrap market suffered as the knock-on effect of the global downturn hit finished steel prices and squeezed steelmaker margins. 

2012 REVIEW: Difficult year for ferrous scrap trade in China
For ferrous scrap traders, 2012 has proved to be a challenging year. Prices remained under pressure and fell for almost three quarters of the year. 

2012 REVIEW: Europe’s steel majors shift focus from long products
Long product prices and producer margins came under pressure in 2012 as European demand for building products fell to new lows. 

2012 REVIEW: Coking coal supply catches up with demand
The global coking coal market saw a steep dive in prices in 2012 on high supply and shrinking demand. 

2012 REVIEW: Ilva’s Annus Horribilis
Europe’s biggest steel plant has had possibly the most complicated year in its history. We chart the highs, but mostly the lows, in the continuing crisis at Ilva’s Taranto facility in Puglia, Italy. 

2012 REVIEW: CIS pig iron values down 14% on lower raw materials prices
CIS-origin pig iron prices have fallen by more than 10% in the past year on lower raw materials values and lacklustre European demand for the steelmaking raw material.

2012 REVIEW: Brazil takes measures to protect local steel industry
The Brazilian government has taken significant steps to protect its steel industry from high steel import inflows in 2012. 

2012 REVIEW: Difficult conditions east of the Brandenburg gate
The Polish language has a word, written as “ciezki,” which can mean either heavy or difficult. 

2012 REVIEW: ‘Unfair trade’ hits Mexico’s steel industry
Mexico’s steel industry shouldered both global and domestic challenges throughout 2012. 

2012 REVIEW: Russia’s steelmakers saved by strong domestic market
While life has certainly been far from a breeze for steelmakers around the world, Russia’s industry has fared better than most. 

2012 REVIEW: Nordic industry hit hard by raw material price volatility
Nordic steelmakers have been particularly hard hit by volatile raw materials prices this year, but have adjusted their sourcing practices in a bid to minimise the impact on their businesses. 

2012 REVIEW: Volatile year leaves China’s steelmakers at a loss
For China’s steelmakers, 2012 has been another challenging, volatile and, for many, lossmaking year. 

2012 REVIEW: ThyssenKrupp Steel Americas sale could take until 2014
Having announced plans to explore “strategic options” for its Steel Americas operations last May, it seems ThyssenKrupp might have to wait until 2014 before any deal can be completed, according to market sources. 

2012 REVIEW: Russian steelmakers sell transport units to cut costs
The cost savings from outsourcing transportation services in an increasingly private market led three major Russian steelmakers to sell their transport units in 2012. 

2012 REVIEW: Latin American steel industry domination grows
After several years of reduced activity in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the Latin American steel industry was shaken by a major transaction in 2012.