Turkey’s TMO poised to buy 440k mt barley in buy tender

Turkey’s state-backed grain importer TMO is expected to pick up at least 13 cargoes from a 440,000 mt barley import buy tender...

Turkey’s state-backed grain importer TMO is expected to pick up 17 cargoes or 440,000 mt of barley at an import buy tender, trade sources have told Agricensus Monday.

The results to date are awaiting final confirmation, but suggest TMO has booked slots into all the ports it was looking to supply.

Early indications suggest the agency had settled on VA trading and local company Bek Tarim to sell a 25,000 mt cargo apiece into Derince, with price said to be $236.70/mt CFR for VA and $236.90/mt CFR for Bek Tarim.

Two 25,000 mt positions for delivery into Iskenderun were awarded to Erser at $237.40/mt CFR and Yayla Agro at $237.30/mt.

Alongside that, Viterra is thought to have secured a 50,000 mt parcel into Mersin at $236/mt CFR.

For the port of Izmir, Agrozan is thought to have offered 25,000 mt of barley out of a bonded warehouse at $242/mt - equivalent to $236.80/mt CFR - with Yayla Agro also selling another 25,000 mt into the same port at the same level.

In Bandirma, Bek Tarim secured 25,000 mt at $236.70/mt CFR, with AP Zerno selling another 25,000 mt at $236.50/mt.

Bek Tarim also secured another 25,000 mt cargo into Tekirdag at $237/mt where it shared the spoils with Agrozan, who sold another 25,000 mt at $242/mt basis a bonded warehouse, equating to $237/mt CFR.

The Black Sea port of Samsun also landed two 25,000 mt cargoes, the first from Meke at $237.40/mt with the second said to be awarded to Promaks at $242.40/mt ex-bonded warehouse, or $237.40/mt CFR equivalent.

For Trabzon, two 20,000 mt parcels were agreed with Meke selling one at $237.70/mt and Prime selling the second at $237.50/mt, both on a CFR basis.

Finally Meke also sold one 25,000 mt position into Karasu, on the Black Sea coast, at $238.90/mt CFR, with GTCS selected for the final 25,000 mt cargo into the same port at $239/mt CFR.

These are the first results and are pending the confirmation of TMO’s chair.

The tender had looked for 50,000 mt of barley to be supplied in two 25,000 mt parcels into Derince, Iskenderun, Izmir, Tekirdag, Samsun and Karasu, with 40,000 mt to be delivered into Trabzon and one 50,000 mt parcel into Mersin.

For more information on TMO’s buying, please see our Tender Dashboard.

This story was updated as results arrived.

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