Turkey’s Izdemir wins Aegean export revenue award

Izdemir will be awarded the Aegean Exporters’ Assn prize for highest revenue tomorrow, the Turkish company told Steel First on Tuesday February 26.

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Izdemir was competing against other Turkish companies which are members of the exporters’ association, which include not only other steel producers but textiles and food producers.

Turkish rebar and sections mill Izdemir exported $588.66 million-worth of steel products in 2012 on a fob basis, Izdemir said.

A total of TRY536.89 million fob ($298 million) of the company’s exports were registered with the Aegean Exporters’ Assn.

The trade group will reward the company for having the highest revenue income among its membership, Izdemir said.

Izdemir manufactures rebar and sections at its mill in Izmir, western Turkey. Its crude steel production capacity is 1.5 million tpy, and the company produced 1.27 million tonnes of crude steel in 2011.