Turkish flat alloy steel imports up 11% in 2012

Turkey imported 1.04 million tonnes of flat alloy steel in 2012, 11% higher than 2011’s 940,665 tonnes, according to data newly released by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).

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The country’s imports of flat alloy steel wider than 600mm totalled 979,446 tonnes; 13% higher than the 866,640 tonnes imported in 2011.

Imports of similar material narrower than 600mm wide came to 63,482 tonnes in 2012, 14% lower than 2011’s 74,025 tonnes.

Turkey’s principal sources in 2012 for alloy flats 600mm or wider were Japan with 398,090 tonnes, France with 208,454 tonnes, and Russia with 136,093 tonnes.

Major sources for material below 600mm wide were Russia with 41,479 tonnes and Germany with 7,665 tonnes.

In December 2012, Turkey imported 53,636 tonnes of flat alloy steel, down by 32.5% from December 2011’s 78,302 tonnes.