COVERAGE NOTE: Changes to UK newsprint price coverage

As previously announced, RISI has implemented the following changes to its UK newsprint price coverage in PPI Europe from January 2018:

1)            Discontinued price assessments for 48.8-g newsprint as this grade is used less

                and less.

2)            Returned to assessing 40-g newsprint based on a full-yield formula, using the 45-g
                price as a starting point.

The changes, which were announced in November 2017, follow a market consultation on RISI UK newsprint price coverage. No changes are being made to the assessment methodology for 45-g and 42.5-g newsprint.

RISI will continue to gather feedback on other graphic paper grades both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe to ensure its coverage best reflects current market dynamics.

For more information on RISI’s methodology for European graphic paper markets, please see

If you have questions about these proposed changes, please email