US International Trade Commission votes against silicon import duties

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has voted that silicon metal imports from Australia, Brazil, Norway and Kazakhstan do not materially harm the US silicon industry.

As a result, the Department of Commerce will not issue anti-dumping or countervailing duties on silicon metal shipments in the United States.

The Department of Commerce had issued its final determinations in the trade cases against imports of silicon metal from Australia, Brazil, Norway and Kazakhstan on March 1, 2018, revising some duties upward from its preliminary rulings.

More than 70% of the silicon metal imports into the US are covered by these determinations, Ferroglobe said.

The trade cases involving silicon imports began in March 2017, following a petition by Globe Specialty Metals.

Since then, 553 silicon metal prices in the US have risen 41.2% to $1.43-1.45 per lb on March 12.