Volkswagen to use ArcelorMittal steel in lightweight Golf 7

German car manufacturer Volkswagen will use ArcelorMittal steel in its newest lightweight vehicle models, the steel producer said on Tuesday November 20.

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By using ArcelorMittal’s advanced high- and ultra-high-strength steels, the weight of the new Volkswagen models has been significantly reduced, cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Several different components of the new Volkswagen designs are manufactured using ArcelorMittal’s Usibor 1500P, a press-hardened steel with an aluminium-silicon coating, which Volkswagen has been using in its Passat model since 2003 .

“Volkswagen’s use of advanced steel technologies is a great example of how this transformational material can help automotive companies to create the lightweight vehicle of the future,” said Cees ten Broek, director of the World Steel Assn’s automotive division, WorldAutoSteel.