Fastmarkets Battery Cost Index

Providing visibility into current and future lithium-ion cell costs

Fastmarkets Battery Cost Index helps you gain visibility over a historically opaque market. Based on our raw material pricing data and cell cost model, you’ll be able to get a breakdown of the cost, historical and forecast, for different cells. The index can also be tailored to your specific cell design and manufacturing requirements.
Fastmarkets Battery Cost Index

With our insights, you’ll be able to track the impact of battery material prices on different cathode chemistries, which enables you to budget accurately, anticipate price changes and track cost changes over time. With Fastmarkets Battery Cost Index you can:

  • Understand the impact of raw material cost relative to the overall cost of cells
  • Confidently enter contract negotiations for the purchase or sale of cell components
  • Calculate the cost implications of choosing different cell chemistries
  • Identify and leverage regional price differentials to optimize procurement
  • Evaluate price risks in raw material costs to reflect this in purchasing contracts

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Fastmarkets combines the commodity intelligence of these familiar names:

Metal Bulletin • American Metal Market • Scrap Price Bulletin • Industrial Minerals • RISI • FOEX • The Jacobsen • Agricensus • Random Lengths • FastMarkets and more

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