How will you manage strategic uncertainty?

A checklist for success in the battery materials market

As the demand for battery materials skyrockets, professionals in the CEO’s office are facing a pressing challenge: making strategic decisions that drive growth for the business. In this rapidly progressing landscape, having the right insights is critical. It provides businesses with the clarity to inform their tactics, secure their supply chains and stay ahead in the fiercely competitive battery materials market.
Is your team set for the strategic challenges ahead?

As a corporate development leader, you’re well aware of supply chain disruptions and challenges, but every team has its blind spots. This is especially true in such a volatile market. Use our checklist to ensure business success in the rapidly evolving battery materials market. Examine key questions including:

  • How well does your team understand the battery materials market?
  • Are you up-to-date with who the biggest players are, and what new resources are being developed today?
  • Does everyone in the team have access to accurate battery materials forecasts and insights?
  • Do you have visibility over supply and demand forecasts for strategic planning?
  • How do you collect insights and data on the battery materials market? How much coverage does it provide?

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