Battery raw materials short-term forecasts

1-2 year forecasts for the raw materials used in EV and ESS battery cells

Price volatility and the short-term impacts of new supply and changing supply chains place a premium on seeing clearly over the next two years.

Whether the priority is to optimize buying and selling strategies, understand the best contract structures, or mitigate risks, Fastmarkets Battery Raw Materials Short-Term Forecasts give market participants the clarity to move with confidence and translate clarity to financial performance. Our platform combines in-depth market analysis and independent weekly research, providing you with all the information you need in one place. The comprehensive resource empowers you to confidently lead price negotiations and make well-informed decisions quickly. 

Short-term forecasts include:

  • Independent analysis of supply and demand fundamentals for critical battery raw materials including lithium, graphite, manganese and cobalt
  • 2-year price forecasts for lithium carbonate and hydroxide domestic China and seaborne Asian prices
  • 2-year price forecast for Fastmarkets MB cobalt standard grade benchmark price
  • 2-year price forecasts for graphite spherical and graphite flake for Europe and China
  • Analysis of pricing mechanisms including spot, contract and formula-based spodumene prices
  • Market dynamics and sentiment for electric vehicle (EV) market, including regional developments and EV take-up by region
  • Monthly updated reports and access to our expert analysts

Looking for something you can share with your team? Download an overview of our short-term forecasts for battery raw materials. 

Are you looking for analysis of supply and demand fundamentals for critical battery materials?

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With our independent short-term forecasts, stay ahead of the market. Leverage the insights to secure a competitive edge in the fast-paced battery raw materials market. 

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Empower your price discussions with our unbiased and market-reflective forecasts. Make informed decisions, negotiate better deals and maximize your profit margins. 

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Identify potential market shifts before they happen. Our forecasts help mitigate risks by providing early signals of market changes, enabling you to adjust your strategies in advance. 

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Leave the heavy lifting to us. Save time on research with our comprehensive market analysis and concentrate more on your core business activities. 

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The EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) and supply chain localization were hot topics of discussion for presenters at the Alkeemia Battery Forum, which runs April 10-12 in Venice, Italy

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Nickel premiums stayed flat around the world amid quiet trading in the week to Tuesday April 9.

Oversupply and increased competition from lower-priced synthetic graphite are likely to continue to put downward pressure on natural flake graphite prices over the next few years, sources in Shanghai told Fastmarkets.

Cobalt standard grade prices were stable in the week ended Friday April 5, due to poor demand for cobalt intermediates following price increases in early February amid tight supply in Europe.

Spot lithium carbonate and hydroxide battery grade prices in the seaborne Asia market were stable in the week to Thursday April 4, with conditions quiet due to a public holiday in China, sources told Fastmarkets

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