Battery Cost Model

Providing greater transparency into the cost of key Li-ion cell components

The cathode active material (CAM) is the most expensive cell component. The CAM cost model allows clients to track the impact of battery raw material price volatility on different cathode chemistries by combining Fastmarkets’ price indices and forecasts for lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese.

The Fastmarkets cell cost model incorporates the CAM cost model into a tool that enables the user to quickly calculate the total materials and manufacturing cost of a bespoke cell design across different regions.

These tools will help clients make better-informed decisions when negotiating contracts for the purchase and sale of key cell components.

What does it include?

  • CAM cost model: includes historical and forecast price data for NMC (customer blend – 111, 532, 622, 811) and others

  • Cell cost model: an easy-to-use tool to design a Li-ion cell and calculate its materials and manufacturing cost for a given scale and region, which can be adapted for each client’s bespoke needs

  • Greater insight into anode and cathode active material production and cell manufacturing costs by region
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