Forest products events

Fastmarkets’ forest products events are the industry’s meeting places to discuss, debate, and learn about the latest trends and challenges in pulp, paper, packaging and more

The forest products industry is undergoing changes at a rapid speed. The push for sustainability, growing e-commerce and logistic problems exacerbated by the pandemic are just some of the challenges and trends the industry faces today. Our events provide the critical insights and outlooks that enables you to understand the market dynamics that at shaping the global and regional markets. We bring together the decision-makers and topic experts across the supply chain together in one place, giving you the opportunity to network and gain critical insights to help you and your organizations succeed in a changing market.

The Covid-19 pandemic swept through Latin America, bringing long-term change to local economies and industries. Consumer graphic paper consumption dropped by 25% in 2020 as schools and offices closed, while packaging demand rose due to increased e-commerce, which has risen by 37% in 2020. As economies try to recover, paper and packaging producers are working to keep their businesses profitable and sustainable, with over $1 billion committed to sustainability-linked bonds and more innovation in eco-friendly packaging solutions than ever.

Join the premier forum to learn more about the Latin American market and find out how the pandemic, key economic drivers, and consumer trends have triggered accelerated changes in the supply and demand of forest products in the region.
Logistics and distribution across the supply chain continues to face hardship because of the pandemic. Shipping delays and labor shortages are just some of the challenges that players along the supply chain are having to juggle.

Organized by Fastmarkets, in association with the International Forest Products Transport Association (IFPTA), the longest running conference and exhibition is dedicated to the global forest products logistics industry.

Focused on trending topics in worldwide transport, materials handling, and distribution of forest products, join us to learn the state of the forest products supply chain and discover the outlooks for the industry.
With the world shifting its attention to combatting climate change, biomass and woodchip are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative fuel source around the globe.

Covering the entire supply chain from plantation forest through ocean transport and to overseas end-users, Fastmarkets Woodfiber Conference is your chance to get up to date with the latest wood fiber supply and demand and understand the driving factors behind them.

Separated into a 2-day conference and a 2-day field trip to visit mills around the globe, the event provides an opportunity to network and to learn about geographic and industry sector trends and attracts professionals including plantation owners, exporters, shippers, end users, timberland investors and wood pellet or woodchip producers.

Don’t miss the only event that focuses on the international trade in woodchips and biomass.
Get ready for the next conference with our latest industry insights
Inflation, war, the pandemic and e-commerce are shaping supply and demand packaging dynamics
Russia-Ukraine war escalation, financial sanctions, rising fuel costs, and lingering trucking challenges contributed to a downturn in wood panel and lumber prices
US lumber importers scramble to develop contingency plans, European softwood lumber supply shift could have a worldwide domino effect
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