Futures contracts

Manage price risk with exchange-traded derivatives

Price volatility challenges companies when it comes to managing margins and costs. As buyers scramble to deal with the whiplash of price volatility, sellers are trying to predict how this will play out in the future. It’s time to figure out how to factor in greater market uncertainty as you plan for the future. Fastmarkets provides the settlement prices for a range of cash-settled derivatives. We work with global exchanges to help market participants secure rates and reduce exposure to price volatility.

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Why hedge your price risk using futures contracts?
  • Lock in profit margins
  • Boost credit rating and cut cost of capital
  • Improve cash flow forecasts and budgets
  • Secure flexible price offerings

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Fastmarkets prices used to settle futures contracts
ContractExchangePrice ID
CME Alumina FOB Australia (Metal Bulletin) Futures ContractCMEMB-ALU-0002
CME Aluminum European Premium Duty-Paid (Metal Bulletin) Futures ContractCMEMB-AL-0004
CME Aluminum European Premium Duty-Unpaid (Metal Bulletin) Futures ContractCMEMB-AL-0346
CME Cobalt (Fastmarkets) Futures ContractCMEMB-CO-0005
CME Copper Premium Grade A CIF Shanghai (Metal Bulletin) Futures ContractCMEMB-CU-0403
CME Lithium Hydroxide (Fastmarkets) Futures ContractCMEMB-LI-0033
CME U.S. Midwest Busheling Ferrous Scrap (AMM) Futures ContractCMEMB-STE-0422
CME Lithium Carbonate (Fastmarkets) Average Price OptionCMEMB-LI-0029
CME Lithium Hydroxide (Fastmarkets) Average Price OptionCMEMB-LI-0033
CME Cobalt Metal (Fastmarkets) Average Price OptionCMEMB-CO-0005
CME Cobalt Hydroxide (Fastmarkets) Futures ContractCMEMB-CO-0023
ICE Biofuel Diff – RBD Soybean Oil Basis (Fastmarkets) FutureICEAG-SYB-0049
LME Aluminum Premium Duty Unpaid European Futures ContractLMEMB-AL-0346
LME Cobalt Futures ContractLMEMB-CO-0005
LME Lithium Hydroxide Futures ContractLMEMB-LI-0033
NOREXECO FOEX PIX Old Corrugated Containers NOREXECOFP-RCP-0241
SGX MB Iron Ore CFR China (58% FE Fines) Index Futures ContractSGXMB-IRO-0015
SGX MB Iron Ore CFR China (65% FE Fines) Index Futures ContractSGXMB-IRO-0009
SGX MB Iron Ore CFR China (65% FE Fines) Average Price OptionSGXMB-IRO-0009
SGX Lithium Hydroxide Futures ContractSGXMB-LI-0033
SGX Cobalt MetalSGXMB-CO-0005

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The CME Group has tripled the volumes traded on its physically delivered global aluminium futures contract since the first quarter of 2022 – reaching a single-day high of 7,929 contracts on October 5, with a daily average of about 3,000 contracts so far this month and open interest at a record 1,411 contracts on October 19

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