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Sustainable Aviation Fuel: Market outlook to 2025 and beyond

Research Report

The sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) market is entering a period of unprecedented growth. It has emerged as a viable means to decarbonize aviation. Today, SAF is 2-3 times more expensive than its conventional jet fuel counterpart and is only produced by a handful of players, who will need to significantly ramp up production volume to meet this demand. In recognition of SAF’s role in the future of aviation, and potential for rapidly demand growth, we brought together a team of experts from agriculture, energy and forest markets to explore the outlook to 2025, answering key questions.

Key questions addressed in the report

This study will help you and your business to:

Future success depends on maintaining cost advantage over electricity and hydrogen

Current operational production capacity will only deliver 3% of total demand in 2025. Project owners will be racing to secure feedstock volume and pricing that ensures SAF continues to be a cost effective means to reduced emissions from aviation. Used cooking oil (UCO), the primary feedstock for SAF, is expected to make up to 60% of production by 2025.

Sustainable aviation fuel is taking off