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About us

Fastmarkets has over 130 years of specialist commodity expertise and aims to be the world’s leading and most trusted data provider. With unmatched product breadth and geographic reach we work with those involved in the buying, selling and trading of commodities, to deliver truly market-reflective prices and insights to successfully enable global trade.

We have rebranded to unify our business offering to the market. This has allowed us to develop our suite of products and services to deliver them in a smarter, more integrated platform designed to provide you with a true reflection of the market. This solves customer problems, by meeting their needs and propelling their business forward in a complex, risky and fast-paced market. 

Marketplaces are constantly changing, so we make it our priority to adapt in order to stay ahead of our competitors whilst showcasing the full strength of our price reporting and intelligence services. We are committed to constantly improving and expanding our offering. 

To read more about how we have evolved over the last 100+ years to become Fastmarkets, combining our expertise across commodity markets, please read our brand story.


BMR authorisation

Fastmarkets' benchmark administrator in Finland - Fastmarkets Benchmark Administration Oy (FBA) – is authorised to administer Fastmarkets' benchmarks in accordance with article 34 of the Benchmarks Regulation (BMR). It is supervised by the Finnish regulator FIN-FSA and listed on the ESMA register of benchmark administrators. 

About Fastmarkets Benchmark Administration Oy