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Karen Shi

Index manager, China
Karen has over a decade’s experience in the metals and mining sector with extensive knowledge of risk management and derivatives hedging, and her focus is primarily on the Asian market. After starting her career in iron ore pricing at Fastmarkets, her responsibility has now expanded to the battery raw materials sector, including lithium and cobalt.As an essential part of the battery supply chain, the Asian market has a growing appetite for risk management, and floating pricing adoption to avoid volatility. Karen has participated in developing lithium Asian spot prices since 2017, based on her knowledge and experience in commodity pricing. She has also been involved in the roadshow to Asian battery makers explaining the emergence of spot pricing and Fastmarkets methodology on lithium. Karen also did preparation work for the launch of the China nickel sulfate domestic price.Prior to her current role, Karen’s responsibilities were iron ore pricing and market reporting, during which time she witnessed the boom of iron ore physical and financial markets in China and Singapore. Karen built her risk management and hedging knowledge during her reporting role in iron ore.