As part of the proposal, Fastmarkets intends to move the publication date for its LME warrant premiums to Wednesday 3-4pm London time from Tuesdays 3-4pm currently.

In addition, Fastmarkets proposes to publish a new LME warrant premiums table separate from the main weekly physical premiums table, to reflect the different usage of these warrant premiums mainly referred to for inventory valuation and swap trading purposes.

Fastmarkets currently publishes its base metals premiums and LME warrant premiums together in one table.

The frequency of the coverage will remain unchanged as weekly.

LME warrants are bearer documents of title, of a specified brand, of a specified lot of metal in a specified location and warehouse registered on the LME. Fastmarkets MB assesses premiums for 21 warrant locations globally and six base metals (copper, aluminium, nickel, zinc, lead and tin).

The consultation period for this proposed amendment will end one month from the date of this pricing notice, on March 8, 2019, with changes taking place, subject to market feedback, from Monday March 11, 2019.

To provide feedback on any of the premiums or if you would like to provide price information by becoming a data submitter, please contact Hassan Butt by email at Please add the subject heading FAO: Hassan Butt, re: LME warrant premiums.

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