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Being clear about our price assessment and index process is important. You can be confident that our pricing process is impartial, market reflective and market aligned.

Our methodology is aligned with core IOSCO principles and we have successfully completed an assurance review (from PricewaterhouseCoopers) for our financial benchmarks. View the assurance review

View our price assessment process

Rigorous pricing procedure:

Our price reporters are required to follow robust pricing procedures, clearly defined methodologies and price specifications during their market reporting and pricing sessions. All calculations or assessments are verified through our integrated peer review system, to guarantee unrivaled quality control and compliance. 

Independent market perspective:

We continually develop and review our methodologies in consultation with industry participants. Our aim is to adopt product specifications, trading terms, conditions or other factors that reflect and are representative of typical working practices in the industry.

Confidential market connections:

Markets are assessed by experienced price reporters each day, via phone calls, emails, texts, etc to a wide variety of market participants on both the buy and sell sides of the market. All communications of price, assessments, contract details and all other information are classified and never shared with third parties. 


We pride ourselves in being honest with our clients about how we assess our prices, so we publish every single methodology and price specification that our pricing teams use.

View our price assessment process

View our price assessment process

Our core methodology and expertise that has defined us for more than 130 years will be continued into the new era as Fastmarkets. The names, descriptions and symbols for our prices will stay the same, so you won't need to make any changes to contracts, agreements, reports or workflows and you can continue to use our prices without any interruptions.

View our forest products methodologies here

View our metals and mining methodologies here

Fastmarkets MB - Methodologies and price specifications

Alumina Indices - Methodology and price specification

Aluminium P1020 spot cif bi-weekly main Japanese ports - Methodology and price specification

Aluminium P1020 cif quarterly main Japanese ports - Methodology and price specification

Aluminium P1020 Rotterdam - Methodology and Price Specification

Daily Shanghai Grade A Copper Cathode Premium - Methodology and price specification

China HRC & Rebar Indices - Methodology and price specifications

Chrome Ore Index - Methodology and price specifications

CIS Billet Index - Methodology and price specification

Cobalt - Methodology and price specification

Coking Coal Indices - Methodology and price specification

Copper Concentrates Index - Methodology and price specification

Manganese Ore Index - Methodology and price specification

Iron Ore Index - Methodology and price specification

Ferrous Scrap Indices - Methodology and price specification

Graphite - Methodology and price specification

Lithium - Methodology and price specification

Stainless Steel 304 Europe Raw Materials Index - Methodology and price specification

Ferro-chrome Indices - Methodology and price specification

Non-ferrous - Methodology and price specification

Ferrous - Methodology and price specification

Fastmarkets AMM - Methodologies and price specifications

Ferrous Scrap - Methodology and price specification

Midwest HRC Indices - Methodology and price specification

North American Ferrous Metals - Methodology and price specification
Steel - Methodology and price specification
Fastmarkets IM - Methodologies and price specifications
Alumina - Methodology and price specifications
Bauxite - Methodology and price specifications
Battery Raw Materials - Methodology and price specifications
Chromite - Methodology and price specifications
Fluorspar - Methodology and price specifications
Graphite - Methodology and price specifications
Iodine - Methodology and price specifications


If you have questions about our pricing process, contact our pricing team at 

View our Methodology Review and Change Consultation Process, here

View our Data Submitter Policy, here

View our Corrections and New Pricing Launch Procedures, here

View our Complaint policy, here

View our Code of Conduct, here

This Disclaimer is in addition to our Terms and Conditions as available on our website and shall not supersede or otherwise affect these Terms and Conditions. Prices and other information contained in this publication have been obtained by us from various sources believed to be reliable. This information has not been independently verified by us. Those prices and price indices that are evaluated or calculated by us represent an approximate evaluation of current levels based upon dealings (if any) that may have been disclosed prior to publication to us. Such prices are collated through regular contact with producers, traders, dealers, brokers and purchasers although not all market segments may be contacted prior to the evaluation, calculation, or publication of any specific price or index. Actual transaction prices will reflect quantities, grades and qualities, credit terms, and many other parameters. The prices are in no sense comparable to the quoted prices of commodities in which a formal futures market exists.

Evaluations or calculations of prices and price indices by us are based upon certain market assumptions and evaluation methodologies, and may not conform to prices or information available from third parties. There may be errors or defects in such assumptions or methodologies that cause resultant evaluations to be inappropriate for use. Your use or reliance on any prices or other information published by us is at your sole risk. Neither we nor any of our providers of information make any representations or warranties, express or implied as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other information forming any part of the published information or its fitness or suitability for a particular purpose or use. Neither we, nor any of our officers, employees or representatives shall be liable to any person for any losses or damages incurred, suffered or arising as a result of use or reliance on the prices or other information contained in this publication, howsoever arising, including but not limited to any direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special or similar damage, losses or expenses. 

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